I have always been an educator, and as an artist I feel it's crucial to share the expertise I've developed over the many years I've been performing and recording. In addition to having spent 6 years as a fifth grade classroom teacher, I have always taught private music lessons. I have also had the incredible experience over the last four years of managing and directing various Schools of Rock (Tenafly,NJ  and Westchester, NY) as they have pursued their exciting mission of "teaching the world to rock onstage and in life."

I currently teach voice, acoustic guitar, bass, and general composition and performance to a number of private students, but I am currently open to add some more. I tailor my approach to each individual musician, and my goal is to maximize the experience of the musical journey for each of my students. I've taught students as young as 6 and as old as 66, so if you would like to be my student, please get in touch.

Music will always give back to you more than you put in (It already has, hasn't it?). And you're never too old to enjoy it. Maybe it's time to start your musical journey?

cell: 973-897-4056